I hope you are all well and coping with lockdown. I am truly missing you all but because of Covid - 19, we still can not rehearse until further notice. I am, however, working on our long awaited album.

CD album recording


PLEASE HELP NOW. We need to create the artwork for our new double CD album. This will include a booklet of up to 16 sides of information and photos of Ave Verum. We need ideas for artistic design and we need an album title. This is something everyone can help in, so please get thinking, find those fantastic photographs and let me have your great ideas.


Our album ought to include our work from the last 20 years so I am considering recordings that we have made during that time, including the oldest recording I have of 'Chrystus Pan'. There are fantastic pieces in our repertoire that would be great to include, but have not yet been recorded. It will not be possible to record in the near future because of Covid, so the selection for this album has to be from archives that I already have, a lot of which are solo recordings. This is my proposed track list for a double CD album, I hope you like them but please feel free to comment and make any suggestions you feel might improve the album. I have put 24 tracks in the order I think they should be presented. Please bear in mind that the last 'Blues' track is still 'work in progresss'.

Disc 1

Czego chcesz od nas PanieAve Verum
00:00 / 03:53
Gołębi SongJola NJ & AV
00:00 / 04:09
Tantum ErgoAve Verum
00:00 / 03:58
White Cliffs of DoverAve Verum
00:00 / 03:59
Tango na głosBrygida & AV
00:00 / 05:10
This is the DayAve Verum
00:00 / 04:22
Nel Cuore LeiJola i Wojtek
00:00 / 03:44
Cantique de Jean RacineAve Verum
00:00 / 05:30
Kolęda WarszawskaKasia Middleton
00:00 / 04:08
O Śpijcie ŻołnierzeKrystyna Nowakowska
00:00 / 04:13
Do Kraju TegoAve Verum
00:00 / 03:04
Obudź SerceJola NJ & AV
00:00 / 03:24

Disc 2

Osiem BłogosławieństwAve Verum
00:00 / 04:08
DUMKAJola NJ i Krzyś K
00:00 / 04:17
Nie dokazuj miłaAndrzej Rumistrzewicz
00:00 / 04:05
Czemu nie tańczę na ulicachJola NJ
00:00 / 03:50
Chrystus Pan Wczoraj i DziśAve Verum
00:00 / 05:28
Ostatni BiegMimi Szeller
00:00 / 05:04
Ubi Caritas Ave Verum
00:00 / 02:32
Żołnierskie ButyChris Szeller
00:00 / 02:37
Szła dzieweczkaAve Verum
00:00 / 02:21
Żniwna DziewczynaStefan Rumistrzewicz
00:00 / 02:42
A babe is bornAve Verum
00:00 / 03:16
Blues dla Ducha 01-3Krzysztof Konis
00:00 / 03:19

I have been thinking about the design of the cd album cover and possibly a title. Since we have been together for 22 years, it might be nice to call the album '22'. It works in Polish and English, what do you think?