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I am delighted at how well our rehearsals are going and I know that if we maintain this effort and do a little 'homework', 8th December will be a great concert. Looking at how much material we still have to start and the time we have left, I have decided to have the accompaniment to 'How do you keep the music playing' as a quartet which I will choose at next rehearsal. This will take some pressure off the rest of the choir, but we are adding a final carol to the program which is: 'Podzielimy się wspólnie opłatkiem'



This is a provisional running order for the concert

Choir pieces: we are starting soon / started

Carol of the Bells

Kolęda - Witaj gwiazdko

On this day, Earth shall ring (Gustav Holst)

Gdy się Chrystus rodzi

I wonder as I wander

Noc Pastuszków

Przybieżeli do Betlejem

Nad Betlejem

O come, all ye faithful (arr. D Willcocks)

Podzielimy się wspólnie opłatkiem



Nimrod (Edward Elgar) organ during wreath laying

The White Cliffs of Dover

Gloria - Suita kolędowa

Sussex Carol (Philip Ledger)

How do you keep the music playing (solo with quartet)


Niechaj Będzie


Bóg się rodzi

Hark the herald angels sing

Please use the help files below as much as you possibly can. We will not have enough time to learn all the pieces without a little help from these files.

The first help files below are for 'How do you keep the music playing'. Agnieszka Mucha will be singing the solo part to the accompaniment of a quartet. Please listen to the wonderful recording of Helen Charlston performing this Stephen Layton arrangement with the choir of Trinity College Cambridge. I have recorded the quartet parts with the melody played on electric piano and a metronome to help with the timing.

How do you - Helen Charlston + TCC
How do I - SOP Quartet
How do I - ALT Quartet
How do I -TEN Quartet
How do I - BAS Quartet
How do I - ALL PARTS Quartet

Below are help files for the Sussex Carol. Have a listen first to Kings College Cambridge choir performing it under the late Stephen Cleobury and then use the help file for your part

Sussex Carol - KKC
Sussex Carol - Soprano
Sussex Carol - Alto
Sussex Carol - Tenor
Sussex Carol - Bass

Below are help files for I wonder as I wander. This piece sounds a lot more difficult than it really is but have a good listen to the Kings College Cambridge choir performing it before you move onto your part help files

I wonder - KKC
I wonder - Soprano
I wonder - Alto
I wonder - Tenor
I wonder - Bass

Below are files for 'Gloria - kolędowa suita' This is a straightforward medley of snippets of popular Polish carols. Please listen to and try to remember the different tempos and slow downs in this short suita.

Gloria suita kolędowa ALL PARTS
Gloria suita kolędowa SOP
Gloria suita kolędowa ALT
Gloria suita kolędowa TEN
Gloria suita kolędowa BAS

Below are help files for 'The white cliffs of Dover'. We have decided to perform this piece as this year is the 50th anniversary of laying the Polish Airforce memorial in the floor of the north aisle of St Clement Danes church. This recording will be on our cd album that I hope will be ready very soon. I have remixed the recording to provide help files for each part

White Cliffs of Dover - Ave Verum
Dover - SOP
Dover - ALT
Dover - TEN
Dover - BAS

Below are help files for the easier carols. Sopranos, please use the 'all parts' files where there are no separate soprano files. There is a metronome beat on some files to help you keep strict rhythm.

Gdy się Chrystus rodzi ALL PARTS
Gdy się Chrystus rodzi ALTO
Gdy się Chrystus rodzi TENOR
Gdy się Chrystus rodzi BASS
Bóg się rodzi ALL PARTS
Bóg się rodzi ALTO
Bóg się rodzi TENOR
Bóg się rodzi BASS
Nad Betlejem SOPRANO
Nad Betlejem ALTO
Nad Betlejem TENOR
Nad Betlejem BASS
Niechaj będzie ALL PARTS
Niechaj będzie ALTO
Niechaj będzie TENOR
Niechaj będzie BASS

Below are help files for 'Hark the Herald Angels Sing' and 'Noc Pastuszków'. These are remixed files from Ave Verum's first cd album. I have tried to pick out voices which will give you a good idea of how we are going to sing these at the concert. Underneath those files are help files for 'Carol of the bell' I recorded them when Ave Verum learnt this carol for the first 'Carol of the Bells' concert in St Clement Danes in 2011

Hark the Herald SOPRANOS
Hark the Herald ALTOS
Hark the Herald TENORS
Hark the Herald BASSES
Noc Pastuszkow SOPRANO
Noc Pastuszkow ALTO
Noc Pastuszkow TENOR
Noc Pastuszkow BASS

Below is our Ave Verum recording of 'Podzielimy się wspólnie opłatkiem from our first cd album, 'Bardzo Cicha Noc'. Please listen to this and get familiar with the chorus melody. The harmonies are straight forward.  The solo part for this kolęda is still to be decided as Jola Jarosz is unable to join us at the concert.

Podzielimy się wspólnie opłatkiem - AV
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