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The Ave Verum choir comprises around 25 music enthusiasts of Polish descent from all walks of life. Formed in 1999 by Jurek Pockert, this amateur choir shares a love of Polish culture and the joy that music brings to all. As a concert choir, Ave Verum performs a wide variety of music both sacred and secular, in styles ranging from classical works, through opera, to jazz and popular music. They have performed in some magnificent venues including Westminster Cathedral, Westminster Abbey, Malbork Castle and the Church of the Holy Cross in Warsaw where the heart of Frédéric Chopin is interred in a pillar. More recently Ave Verum took part in Moniuszko’s opera ‘Straszny Dwór' performed in POSK and in the Polish Gala Concert 'Sto Lat' at the Royal Albert Hall, both conducted by Steven Ellery. The choir has won several awards culminating in receiving the ‘Gloria Artis’ from the Polish Government in 2017. 

Music is a unique language that transcends racial and cultural barriers. Its greatest attribute is that it brings joy to performers and listeners alike, at every accomplishment level, even with the use of nothing more than the human voice. In the spirit of our ethos we strive to achieve, by working together, more than the sum of each individual's effort.

Ave Verum 28_1_2024 colour changed 2.jpeg
Kościół Chrystusa Króla - Balham  28th January 2024
 POSK - Oct 2015 - Straszny Dwór 
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